HSH Group

Tuesdays continues with our unrelenting pursuit to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle, the triceps, the abdomen, and the back with pull ups, dips and handstands. Gymnastics, of slightly less importance than nutrition in Glassman’s pyramid of fitness still dominates weightlifting, metabolic conditioning (cardio) and sport, and in my opinion deserves more than the one day we dedicate to gymnastics over our weekly programming. Everything we do today should be practised again and again, with and without our coaches providing supervision. For we will never be ‘perfect’ but getting close is rewarding and satisfying.


Pull Up Progressions

  • -ves  5 x 3 reps ( 5-8 secs )/ Ring Support
  • Strict Pull Up 5 x 5 / Ring Dip  5 x 5 reps
  • Weighted ( 5 x 3 reps) *

* 3-5 Weighted Ring Dip/ UW/ -ves/Ring Support ( 5-15 secs)


” Little Climbing Nate ”


2 Wall Climb Burpee

4 Ring Dip

8 Kettlebell Swing (32/24 kg)

Compare to : 15/9/2014