Today we await the 2pm announcement of 14.2… Will there be pull ups? wall balls? ring muscle ups to handstands? Overhead barbell pistols? or worse…burpees??!! In the meantime we will work on some efficiency drills for kipping and single leg squatting then wind it down with a fun little chipper of sorts.. First 14.2 session is at 5pm tonight, wear your best gears, pull your best faces as Rach D’s camera  lens may be in it…:-) And lets get the teamsters ready for the HPU CrossFit Playoffs on May 3rd. All levels..Get your names on the board !!


Kipping Practice

Pistol Progressions


” Judge Dread ”

Row 1 km

50 Kettlebell Swing (32/24)

30 Pistol Squat

For Time