After an amazing 74 people signed up for the Open we backed it up with some epic performances over the weekend and today. This week we will iron out the kinks and get the body ready to rumble again by the weekend for 20.2. DON’T FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR SCORES TONIGHT!! Well done ALL!


In 30:00

1) Sumo Deadlift: Build to a tough set of 3 in 7 sets.

Rest 2-3:00.
– Elevate Plates 2″ off of the floor

2a) Front Squat: Build to Metcon Weight.

2b) Bar Muscle-ups or Scaling Option WU


“Johnny B-Good”

30 Front Squats (70, 45)

30 Bar Muscle-ups

CAP 10 minutes

L3 : (60/40, C2B Pull up)

L2 : (50/35, Banded Pull Up)

L1 : (KB FSQ 24/16, Ring Row)