Johnboy Snatch

A classic shot of John Boy snatching back in the Cave. After a great testing week we reset the dial and look forward to building our Oly lifting strength and skills for another test in 3 weeks time. And today is the final weigh-in for the August Paleo Challenge. I hope everyone stuck to task and is feeling  better for it. A month can be a long time to sustain the restrictions but the real challenge is to take on board at least a few dietary changes and keep consistent in your training. AND for that special ‘Secret’ Group, you guys will be weighed and formed into 2 teams and your AWOD will feature on your FB group page, and also on the whiteboard. Go at it!


OTM 10

Snatch High Hang Pull + Mid Hang Pull + Hang Power Snatch + OHS

Rest 3 mins then

E 2 M

3 Overhead Squat

(add 2.5-5 kgs)

5 Rounds


” Isabel “

30 Snatch (61.5/40)

For time.


Row 500m

25 Burpee

Compare to : 11/10/2014


Isabel 20:8:15