Handstands and we build our specific strength through repeated effort. Goal: stay within limits – no sets to failure..Today’s wod is a fast-paced test of local endurance and anaerobic capacity. This workout should be sub 10 minutes so scale accordingly.


In 25:00

Handstand Push-up:

Rx+: (Deficit x 20-30 reps – accumulate)
Rx: (Strict x 20-30 reps – accumulate)
L3: (Kipping x 30 reps – accumulate)
L2: (1 Abmat x 20 Reps – accumulate)
L1: (Box Push-ups x 30-50 reps – accumulate)
Beg: (Box Dips x 30 Reps – accumulate)


” Iron Claw ”

For time:
C2B Pull-ups
Calorie Bike (18-12-7 Calories Ladies)

CAP 10

L3: (Regular Pull-ups)
L2: (Band Assisted Pull-ups) (Calories of 15-12-9)
L1: (Ring Rows) (Calories of 15-12-9)