KHole Clean

One class only at 5pm Today. We start our strength cycle today squatting individually then partner up for the wod and get some work done. Hard Labour Day!


E 2 M

5 Back Squat (65% of 1 RM )

5 Rounds

Rest 2 minutes

ME* Back Squat (same weight)

*Bar must stay on shoulders

Partner WOD 

” Hard Labour ”

Teams of 2

40 No-Wall Partner Wall Ball
(stand 3 metres apart . Squat w/MB and then chest pass to partner)

3 Rounds

then :

10 – 1:2 Power Clean/Burpee
*Partner 1 does a power clean, once the bar is in the racked position, partner 2 does 2 burpees while partner 1 holds the bar in the rack, switch each rep

20 Synchronized Lunge (side by side) (1-1)

30 Alternating Box Jump ( 60/50cm )

40 No-Wall Partner Wall Ball



Hard Labour