And so we enter our last week of the winter Wendler Strength cycle. Get in this week, make no excuses and put in some good hard work. This time of year consistent training and clean eating get shoved down the order or priority. Excuses mount up, short notice influx cancellations are on the rise, and ‘work’ and ‘life’ get in the way to force your daily gym sessions into three times and twice weekly visits. CFN should be your best hour. Period. Somewhere where you go daily. Laugh and meet your friends and experience discomfort and sometimes suffer with them. Learn new shit and be more awesome, if only a little bit more. At least you tried. So come on, book your week up now and man up to your body’s obligations to train, be stronger and be better than yesterday.


5 x 75%, 3 x 85%, AMRAP  x 95%

Banded Hip Thruster  4 x 15


” Ground Zero ”

Run 200 m

21 Front Squat (70/45)

Run 200 m

15 Power Clean

Run 200 m

9 Squat Clean

CAP 15