Just a few more days to sign up for the August Paleo Challenge. Those who have completed a month of clean disciplined eating will know that the benefits are widespread. The elimination of sugar , grains and dairy in varying degrees will see a definite fat loss and almost immediate reduction in the inflammation of joints and connective tissue. Energy will improve through out the day and your strength will increase at a greater rate than normal. But above all this the maintenance of this nutrition plan is bloody hard. Thats why they call it a ‘Challenge’. Call it an examination into one’s self discipline but the completion of 31 days of it will make you a stronger human. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Join a team and have a crack! What have you got to lose apart from a whole bunch of fat and self doubt. :-)


Push Press 3 x 3 reps

Push Jerk 3 x 2 reps

Split Jerk 5 x 1 rep

* Building each set


” Goblin It Up ”

21 Kettlebell Swing (24/16)

15 Goblin Squat *

9 Burpee

3 Rounds

* This exercise was created by German Supercoach Dennis Hoop. Its like a goblet squat.


Goblin It Up