Thursday we squat. A little more for your 20 rep back squat and then for all you lifters something tasty and challenging. The squat clean and jerk is the Big Daddy of weightlifting and you will need to dial in your positions and be accurate. Grip and Rip unfortunately wont take you far in this sport.  Scale accordingly.


In 10:00

Back Squat

20 RM @ 70% 1 RM
*or add 1.25-2.5 kgs from Monday’s weight.


” Game of Thrones ”

30 Squat Clean and Jerk (60/42.5)
-Rest till 10:00-
20 Squat Clean and Jerks (70/45)
-Rest till 20:00-
10 Squat Clean and Jerks (80/50)