Our last big week will focus on longer workouts with movements highly expected in the 2017 CF Open. The gym hours have been posted on CFN so if you are in Aucks for the break then your gym is open to train in. For those heading away we have a daily bodyweight workout which you can go at in your own time and share your thoughts on it. And our 12 Days of Xmas will need a wee celebration in the new CFN Lounge, so bring snacks and something to share for the occasion.


OTM 10
Min 1 : 5 Thruster (build)

Min 2 : 5 Strict Pull Up


” Frannie ”

50 Double Under

50 Sit Up

21 Thruster (42.5/30)

21 Pull Up

40 Double Under

40 Sit Up

15 Thruster

15 Pull Up

30 Double Under

30 Sit Up

9 Thruster

9 Pull Up

CAP 20