Ok so he missed the jerk but its still pretty impressive! Hope you all had a great break over Easter and are gagging to get some work done in the gym this week. Get in early, warm up and get after those tight sticky bits with a roller, barbell, ball, piece of wood, anything..and prepare for the firestorm that is Fran!

A/ Gymnastics

3 Weighted Ring Dip

Rest 30 secs

Max Strict Handstand Push Up

5 Rounds

* Rest 2 minutes between sets

B & C / WOD

“Fran ”

In 8 minutes perform the following :

21-15-9 of

Thruster (42.5/30)
Pull Up

and then, using the same barbell,  establish a 1-RM Clean & Jerk in the remainder of the 8 minutes.

POST TWO SCORES – You must post two scores; (1) time to complete “Fran”, and (2) heaviest successful clean & jerk within the 8 minute period.