Maxxy Wall Ball

Our NZFL squads are battling it out again tomorrow. First up is the Open team going up against HPU at 11am. Then get across town to go see our Prems go up against CF East Tamaki at 1245pm. Both events are away so get your Skull shirts on and go help them out! And at 930am is a wee fundraiser to replace Lily-Belle and poppy’s stolen scooters. A few bucks in the bucket here and there will go a long way to getting the girls mobile again…We’ll put on a BBQ and scooters are a must!


Front Squat 3 x 10 @ 75% 1RM


” Fractured Karen ”

50 Wall Ball

Rest 2 mins

40 Wall Ball

Rest 1:30

30 Wall Ball

Rest 1:00

20 Wall Ball

Rest :30

10 Wall Ball

For time.

* Attempt each set unbroken.