Only 2 weeks to we reach our strongest ever day, the CrossFit TotalSpend the next few weeks filling in the blanks. If you expect to squat, press and deadlift your heaviest ever loads the work needed to be done over the last 10 weeks. The next fortnight needs special attention to rest, nutrition, hydration and of course mobility. If you want to max out and test yourselves without the ground work then the coaches will recommend you stay well away from the heavy stuff. Just Sayin.


3 x 3 Back Squat (70/75/80 %)

2 x 2 Back Squat (85/90 %)

3 Weighted Pull Up (after each set)


” For Whom The Bell Tolls ”

15 DB Hang Squat Clean (22.5/15)

15 Burpee

15 DB Push Press

15 Pull Up

2 Rounds

CAP 12