Building on the back of our strict handstand work over the past few months we now will be learning the kipping handstand push up..todays metcon is a lighter longer piece and has 2 parts: toes to bar and wall balls then light snatches and overhead squats.


Handstand Push Up

Every 2:30 x 4
5-7 Strict Handstand push up
…directly into:
7-10 Kipping handstand push up

– Pick a rep range that you can maintain unbroken sets throughout.


” Foot Locker ”

5 Rounds:
9 Toes to Bar
15 Wallballs (9/6)

Directly Into…

5 Rounds:
9 Power Snatches (35/25)
15 Overhead Squats

CAP 18:00

Score is For Time.

All incomplete reps add :01 to your time.