Well done to those that completed the challenging and difficult Open wod 17.3. The technical requirements of this workout were massive. And everyone who competed will come away far better, stronger and certainly more  confident when approaching the holy grail of Olympic Weightlifting movements, The Squat Snatch. They say the 10 components of fitness are necessary for this movement, not just strength , speed, power and accuracy but flexibility, stamina, endurance, agility, coordination and balance. Keep practising with the PVC pipe both in and out of the gym and let coaches refine and correct any faulty movements patterns. Better than Yesterday.


OTM 12

Odd : 15/12 Cal Row

Even : 10  DB Push Press (22.5/15 kg)


” Flipside “

60 Double Under

30 Wall Ball

15 Handstand Push Up

3 Rounds

Compare to : 25/10/2016