A massive thanks you to all you Skulls that threw down The 49’er yesterday along with all your birthday wishes! Today you can stay off the lifting and get your jump on. Scaling options for the dubs and the mups will apply. So do well to get to Shasa and Donny’s sessions. And if you haven’t seen or met new coaches Gui and Johnny then please chat to them about anything at all, your goals, your goats, your frustrations and your delights, for these guys are good. Very good. Both are experienced full time CF coaches and athletes with extensive experience so be sure to pick their brains! Have a good flight ;-)


Muscle Up Progressions


” Flight Simulator ”

5-10-15-20-25-30…50-45-40-35…5 reps of

Unbroken Double Under

* 1 Muscle Up between rounds

** Scaling : 3/6/9/12/15..30 UB or 2/4/6/8..20 UB

CAP 20


Flight Simulator Jan '16