Kylie PCLN

Outstanding testing yesterday with still more PB’s coming at us! If you didn’t Total there will be opportunities next week to set your scores. We have an awesome 12 weeks to build and gain greater mobility and positioning so our lifts will be tighter and more efficient. Addressing our weaknesses is the key. Don’t focus on what you like, or what you’re good at. Focus on the things you suck at. Start with nutrition, then mobility , then building joint strength through weightlifting and gymnastics.  Then repeat, and finally build your engine. Thats the pyramid that will not crumble to the ground when stressed out, fatigued or loaded up. Train Hard. Train Smart. Have a great weekend. :-)


” Fit For A Queen ”

50 Power Clean (60/40)

50 Toes To Bar

50 Shoulder To OH

50 Toes To Bar

50 Clean and Jerk

  • Work /rest alternate minutes
  • 5 Burpees to start the minute

CAP 30 minutes