Its been a while since we hit this benchmark but a good time to get after FGB and set a score. Tight Night with the CFN Social Hour. This will be the last Tight Night to held at #2 Morgan for next we we head up the road to # 16 Morgan where business will go on as usual :)


Back Squat 5 x 3* reps

BB Row 5 x 5 reps

* 3 sec pause in bottom.


Fight Gone Bad

Wall Ball

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (35/25)

Box Jump

Push press (35/25)

Row  (calories)

3 rounds.

A round is 1 minute at each station with a continuously running clock.  1 minute rest between rounds.
Count reps (calories for rower) and the total is your score.

Compare to : 12/1/2015