Week one of our second Wendler strength cycle. Today our loads go back to the same as the first cycle, regardless of current improvements from the first cycle. The goal is more reps on the last AMRAP set. Today its the ‘new You’ versus the ‘old You’… And big Shout Outs to Rach G who ran the Rotorua Marathon on Saturday having trained on little else other than the CrossFit workouts she indulges in daily! And to Jacob (3rd) and Aakash (4th) in their respective divisions at the Renegade Challenge over the weekend. Well done guys!


Back Squat

5 x 65% of 1RM *

5 x 75%

AMRAP x 85%

*90% of your 1 RM Squat from 1st April 2019.


” 50 Shades of Dark ”


50 Burpee Over Bar

100 Double Under

30 Cluster (60/40)

Compare to : 7/11/2018