Moving into our penultimate week of the 6-4-2 back squat stamina cycle before we zone in on the Spring CrossFit Total on Thursday 30th August. The Summer Shred begins this Wednesday 1st August then we set our goals for the summer. The Shred is totally optional and will finish on 31 October. If you want progress you will need to document and record what you’re doing. Nutrition Coach Matt White will hold a free 60 minute Q n A on any questions you have to get on point including what to eat, when and how to weigh and measure your caloric intake. Jump on the FB group to get in!


Back Squat

E 2 M 9 R

6 x 75% 4 x 80% 2 x 85%

6 x 80 % 4 x 85% 2 x 90%

6 x 85% 4 x 90% 2 x 95%

*add 2.5/5  kg /round


“Fat Jackie ”

Row 1 km

50 Thruster (42.5/30)

30 Chest to Bar Pull Up

CAP 12

Compare to : 14/2/2018