There’s been some talk that we aren’t doing enough ‘cardio’. Although our CrossFit Total this Thursday signifies the end of our strength cycle we have never taken our foot off the gas pedal. Some wods have been short and technical, others like last weeks Storm Warning’ and The Ghost’ have left the tank empty and the bodies on the floor. That said, CrossFit’s fundamental tenet of mechanics before consistancy before intensity is and will always be practised at CFN. The thing is, a strong body, built from squats, deadlifts and pressing will maintain its structure and integrity when fatigue hits during those long workouts. Delivery of force, whether it be heavy or light, complex or basic is only efficient when alignment and posture is mechanically sound. So plug the leaks, Get STRONG from the inside out, then go eat the k’s!


Back Squat

2 x 3 reps (70-75%)

3 x 2 reps (80-90%)

3 x 1 reps (95-100%)


” Face Off ”

5 Rounds for Max Reps:
1:00 – Cal Row
1:00 – Power Clean (60/40)
1:00 – Barbell Facing Burpee
1:00 – Rest

Score each movement separately.

Compare to : 14/2/2017