Only 2 full weeks to go before the big Grand Opening of the 2017 CrossFit Games workout 17.1! A good time to spend a little extra time before and after workouts ironing out those kinks in your game.  Start with your fitness at the cellular level and work upwards : Tidy up your diet and ensure you are taking in adequate protein, carbs and water to fuel the machine. Stretch, smash, roll and unglue those big prime movers, the glutes ,quads and lats and continue to ‘cultivate’ your shapes through the position of restriction. Take time. Examine and explore your body. Then practise your handstands..pull ups..cleans.. dubs..pistols. Lots to think about so we can be more awesome ;)


OTM 12

Odd Min : 3-5 Bar Muscle Up/7-10 C2B Pull Up

Even Min : 7 Thruster (build)


” Face Off ”

5 Rounds for Max Reps:
1:00 – Cal Row
1:00 – Power Clean (60/40)
1:00 – Barbell Facing Burpee
1:00 – Rest

Compare to :  3/1/2017