Today we again grind out 30 seconds of work/rest in the hang snatch and  the overhead squat. This interval work will contribute to grooving those bar path ways under moderate fatigue. Max reps is not the goal but to work for 30 seconds unbroken at a load which allows you to maintain identical technique from the first to the last rep.  Then we go to a real lung opener with the push press and the double under. A short but potent wod made marginally easier by good posture in the dip and drive and relaxed upright jumping mechanics. Go Well today .


5 Rounds

:30 secs MR Hang Power Snatch (50/35 kg)

:30 secs rest

:30 s MR Overhead Squat

:30 s rest


” Evil 8 ”


10 Push Press (50/35 kg)

30 Double Under