Trishy Goblin SQ

Continuing with ‘body awareness’ day we focus on the pull up and the ring dip, then put in a few minutes on each of the pull up, handstand, pistol squat, toes to bar and an L sit hold to maximise our proficiency , muscular coordination and neuromuscular control.


Pull Up Progressions

  • -ves  5 x 3 reps ( 5-8 secs )/ Ring Support
  • Strict Pull Up 5 x 5 / Ring Dip  5 x 5 reps
  • Weighted ( 5 x 3 reps) *

* 3-5 Weighted Ring Dip/ UW/ -ves/Ring Support ( 5-15 secs)


“ Equilibrium”

Complete as many reps as possible for each of the following:

2 Minutes of Chest To Bar Pull Up

Rest 60 seconds

2 Minutes of Alternating Pistols with Kettlebell (24/16 kg)

Rest 60 seconds

2 Minutes of  Handstand Push Up

Rest 60 seconds

2 Minutes of Toes To Bar

Rest 60 seconds

2 Minutes to establish a max effort L-Sit Hold (you only get one attempt to hold for as long as possible)