In the squat builder today we add a rep or 2 from last weeks loads. Then our stamina builder will need long fast sets in the deads, steady pace on the burpees and allow 90 seconds for the Muscle ups. A challenging workout but our rep scheme should not take us more than 90 seconds in any of the three windows. Modifying this number is advisable as needed. Scaling progressions will be taught in the class sessions.

OTM 12 (6 Rounds):

Odd Minutes – 4 Front Squat (65% of 1 RM FSQ)

Even Minutes – 8 Back Squat


” Down To Earth ”

Min 0-2 :  20 Deadlift (100/70 kg)

Min 2-4 : 20 Bar Facing Burpee

Min 4-6 : Max rep Bar Muscle Up

3 Rounds


50 GHD Sit Up
50 GHD Back Extension