Snatch Tech today. Our EMOMS will give you the opportunity to practise these complex lifts under low load (initially) and dial in correct bar path and footwork patterns to allow for successful lifts. This week we are starting off with 3 Squat Snatch on the minute (10 sets) at 70%. These are performed in singles and if athletes miss a rep we will  stop and rest, rather then try and rush to make the lift in the minute. We need to reset and start fresh. The conditioning piece will be not unlike yesterdays workout. Short, gassy and potent.


Squat Snatch
Every 1:00 (10 sets)
3 Squat Snatch @70% (singles)


” Dominic Toretto ”

For Time:
Cal. Assault bike (Ladies Cal. 30-22-14-8)
Wall Ball