Welcome back to CFN! We hope your time in lockdown met your needs whether it was to work on weaknesses (running, dumbbells etc) or just to deload, rest and restore the body from the heavy training we had been doing prior to this lockdown. Our strength cycle has not been disrupted, we’ve merely taken a pause to allow an extended recovery so we can pick up where we left off.
Today we squat at 80% , then enjoy the thrill of a barbell in our hands again. Plenty of good times ahead including new Mobility and Gymnastics classes. the Crossfit Total, our In House Comp and CFN repping the numerous competitions this spring and summer. Lets Get stuck in!


Back Squat 5 x 5 reps @ 80% 1 RM


” Dirty Grace ”


30 Clean and Jerk (50/35)


30 Clean and Jerk (60/40)


AMRAP Clean and Jerk (70/45)

Post 3 separate scores


L1 : (42.5/30, 50/35, 60/40)

L2 : (35/25, 42.5/30, 50/35)

L3 : (30/20, 35/25, 40/30)