A Massive day of clean and jerks yesterday with loads of PB’s, and many hitting this monster RXd for the first time. CrossFit HQ states for an affiliate to survive it must pursue a cult of excellence.. ” The cultural imperative for affiliates can be boiled down to 4 words : Make your pack strong . If you do this you will survive..” After seeing you guys yesterday I’m convinced that we will survive the zombie apocalypse. Our pack is VERY STRONG!

After Karen, Grace and Fran,Desolation Row is no ones favourite workout. Even the rowers amongst us. But this workout does more to rowing fitness and technique than any other rowing wod we offer. Embrace The Suck.


OTM 12

Odd : 3 Front Squat (50% of 1 RM Back Squat)

Even : 6 Back Squat


” Desolation Row “

Row 500 m

Rest 1 minute

5 rounds

* Your score is your slowest round.


Tabata Sit Up

Compare to : 8/7/2016