Greg Sh Press

Today brings us to the end of our 12 week cycle. We test our absolute strength with the 3 power lifts all day, and if you want to attend the 530pm class it will be going off! Bring something to drink and a bit of meat for the BBQ and a ready made salad if you can. On Monday we begin a 16 week build up to the NEW CROSSFIT TOTAL involving movements that will bring our Oly Lifting to a badass level.


” CrossFit Total ”

Three max lift attempts at each of the following movements:

  • Back Squat
  • Strict Press
  • Deadlift

Here is how we will run the Total at CFN :

  1. All sessions will be “open gym” format. Come in and warm up on your own. Your coaches will be there to help you if you need it.
  2. Once you start lifting, you have ONE HOUR to complete the Total. (The last session will end promptly at 7:00 PM)
  3. You may do warm-up sets, but once you “declare” your opening lift (by writing it on the whiteboard next to your name), YOU ONLY GET TWO MORE ATTEMPTS. Record all three lifts for all three movements next to your name.
  4. You must finish the squats before moving to the strict press, and you must finish the strict press before moving to the deadlift.
  5. You may do less than three max attempts for any one movement, but you CANNOT do more than three.
  6. Your final score is the total of your best lift from each movement.
  7. Use a spotter(s) for back squat !!
  8. Support and encourage each other !!

Good times. Have serious fun.

We start another our Olympic Lifting linear progression next week and the New CrossFit Total will be tested in around 3 months.