Ryan A.K.A The Rhino, charges head first into any physical challenge in front of him.

Ryan has over 15 years experience in strength and conditioning working across Europe and Asia and is now back on the shores of Aotearoa New Zealand. He has brought with him an absolute wealth of knowledge and has the skills and confidence to support and challenge you, where ever you may be in your fitness journey.

Ryan has earned extensive experience within the fitness industry working in some of the world’s most fast paced and demanding cities. Highlights include 8 years playing and coaching various rugby teams and 10 years of intense international personal training. An energetic coach with outstanding knowledge of all aspects of CrossFit methodology, Ryan’s skills, attributes, experiences, and techniques come together to create coaching magic. Get some!

RealMVMT mentorship – Olympic Lifting, Dense Strength

IRB World Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach

Irish Strength Institute – Energy System Training

Australian Strength Performance – Hypertrophy

FMS instructor – Functional Movement Systems

Wim Hof – Breathing and Stress Management Workshop

Ryan is available for personal training!

If you’re just starting out and laying down a strong foundation of functional movement, rehabbing a niggly injury, perfecting Olympic lifts, or unlocking specific skills like handstands and muscle ups, take your training to the next level with some one-on-one sessions with Ryan!

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