Slicey Pull Up

Day 3 of the Challenge and already some great info being exchanged . Keep up the support and encouragement and keep fighting the sugar urges…Yoga starts tomorrow night at 730pm with Iva, so work extra hard on freeing up those blocked bits and unlock your power potential. Efficiency and range of motion freedom will lead to those facilitated muscles working optimally, tiring less, and able to produce way more force for longer..makes sense huh ? ;-)


Weighted Pull Up 5 x 3 reps

HS Hold between sets


1 Clean and Jerk (70/50)

1 Round of ‘Cindy’ ( 5 Pull Up/ 10 Push Up/15 Squat)

2 Clean and Jerk

1 Round of Cindy

3 Clean and Jerk

1 Round of Cindy

4 Clean and Jerk..



C n J Cindy