OHS Stick

Our ‘nastics  wod takes on a heavy bias with this old Cave Classic. We have 2 more weeks of gymnastics specialist Tuesdays then we switch over to Snatch development on Tuesdays and the Clean and Jerk will feature on Thursdays. Other bodyweight movements such as pull ups, dips, handstands and muscle ups will be practised throughout the week.


Handstand Push Up 5 x 3 reps

Weighted Ring Dip 5 x 3 reps

*Work on strict handstand pushup/ring dip.

** Negatives if you haven’t a strict press.


” Cindy’s Dead”

Deadlift (140/90)

8-6-4-2 reps

1-2-3-4 rounds of “Cindy”

“Cindy” is :

5 Pullup

10 Pushup

15 Squat

For time.

CAP 18 minutes.


Cindys Dead 23:8:16