Normal transmission resumes now the 2017 CrossFit Open has drawn to a close. The Open has asked us all to dig deep, to go beyond what we considered possible. We have been in extreme states of discomfort and frustration almost weekly for the past 5 weeks and have come away with a greater appreciation of ourselves and of what we have achieved. The support from each other has been incredible and probably responsible for better scores and times overall. Fitter. Faster. Stronger. Better than yesterday. The coaches at CFN congratulate each of you for trying your hardest over the last month and a bit. Now lets enjoy the company of this amazing box together at next Saturdays Red Skull Awards Night! Tickets are $50 and include dinner and drinks. Partners are welcome. Payments can be made into  


Every 3 minutes

3 Back Squat

3 Deadlift

5 Rounds


” Christine ”

Row 500 m

12 Deadlift (BW)

21 Box Jump (65/50 cm )

3 Rounds