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Drag out your last score from this epic Open wod and see if your progress has been tracking well. Also start to think about your goals for 2016, chat to the coaches about setting realistic achievable targets then let us set your path and give you a wee nudge to get after ’em..Our last session will feature the awesome workout ‘Nutts’ and be be held on  Thursday morning at 7am. Make yourself available to get to Coach Donny’s class and be sure to bring him all kinds of gifts to make your hour more pleasurable :-)


OTM 10

2 Front Squat *



” 13.4 ”

3-6-9-12-15-18..reps of

Clean and Jerk (61.5/42.5)

Toes to Bar


Compare to : 6/1/2015


13.4 20:12:15