Our focus today on all three movements will be on the feet. On the lower body movements, the deadlift and back squat, we can think about screwing the feet into the floor. Doing so has multiple benefits:  1. Creates a Stable Base with the Whole Foot on the Ground.  2. Recruits More Muscle from the Posterior Chain (Glute, Hamstrings, Erectors).

While we are using a lot of arms in the bench press, keeping the feet firmly on the ground keeps the whole body connected and gives us better leverage to push with the upper body. There are two options for actively engaged feet. On both of these, let’s ensure athletes keep their glutes on the bench and back neutral: 1. Heels Flat on the Ground with Feet Out Wide 2. Toes Pushing into the Floor with Legs Tight to Bench


” Caesars Palace ”

Teams of 3
50 Back Squats (70/45)
50 Back Squats (85/60)
Max Back Squats (100/70)

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Bench Press (60/42.5)
50 Bench Press (70/45)
Max Bench Press (85/60)

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Deadlifts (85/60)
50 Deadlifts (100/70)
Max Deadlifts (125/85)