Reminder of new class times tomorrow. 730am first session, then JCF at 830am, and last session at 930am. Stick around for 20 minute Mobility class to follow then the usual coffee at one of the many locals :-D And of course we welcome Crossfit Otara to the box this morning for playtime in the NZFL in the bye round with our awesome Skulls!
Partner WOD 
” Buddy Up “
50 Partner Burpee (do a burpee and perform a lateral jump over your partner and back, lay down and your partner does the same)
Run 400 m w/ MB
50 Synchronized Push-Up  (25 each move together)
Run 400 m w/ MB
50 synchronized Ab Mat Sit Up (50 each)
Run 400 m w/ MB
50 Partner Burpee