A massive shout out to these guys, The Mighty CFN Silverbacks. You guys prepared well, looked great, moved beautifully, acted like champions and made your coaches bloody proud! What an awesome bunch of superfine Masters we have to inspire our younger members into working hard and keeping it real. Results showed as our guys placed very highly in a competitive field assembled from all over NZ..This week is an exciting start to a new cycle focussing on the development of power and stability in our Oly Lifts.


10 Back Squat  (set a 10 RM )

Rest 1 minute

MR Pull Up

Rest 2 minutes

3 Rounds


” Broken Karen ”

50 Wall Ball

Rest 60 s

40 Wall Ball

Rest 45 s

30 Wall Ball

Rest 30 s

20 Wall Ball

Rest 15 s

10 Wall Ball