Matty W Power Clean

As we near the end of our power lifting strength cycle the focus will start to shift on our Olympic Lifting. Those who attended Craig’s snatch tech clinic last night will no doubt see immediate improvement in their lifting. Remember the skills and progressions you learn from your coaches just don’t get better on their own. Get a stick, practice and reinforce what you learn with us..everyday. Get in early or stay late, hit the Burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises every chance you get, and you’ll get bloody good fast..we promise you that!


OT :90

Shoulder Press 5 x 3 reps

Rest 30 secs

5-8 Ring Pull Up


” Black Hole”

OTM 18

Min 1-6 :

Odd :  7 Thruster (42.5/30)

Even  : 9 Power Clean

Min 6-12 :

Odd : 6 Thruster ( 50/35)

Even : 8 Power Clean

Min 12-18 ;

Odd : 5 Thruster ( 60/40)

Even : 7 Power Clean