Mondays mean Snatch tech. Our Monday and Thursday weightlifting complexes are all about the speed, balance, coordination and positioning of our bodies in relation to the barbell. Load can be added later but new skills require consistency. Consistency of gym attendance, and consistency of barbell practise.


E 90 secs 7 Rounds

SG High Pull + Hang Power Snatch  +HSS + OHS



” Black Hole ”

3 x 3:00/3:00

18 Cal Row

18 Bar Burpee

MR OHS (42.3/30)

Rest 3:00

15 Cal Row

15 Bar Burpee

MR OHS (50/35)

Rest 3:00

12 Cal Row

12 Bar Burpee

MR OHS (60/40)

Score each AMRAP separately.