A big congrats to those that hit Murph prescribed on Saturday and tamed the beast. Sore bodies almost always follow a Hero wod like Murph but you can bank those hard earned reps for a few benchmarks to come over the next few weeks.. And a shout out to our CFN Silverbacks who represented and claimed 2nd place in Masters Metcon Madness on Saturday. These guys are making a habit of podium finishes and we’re are the fast becoming the Masters Centre of Excellence in the growing CF community..This week we start a new skill block and add a little more grunt into our wods.


E2M 5R

1 Power Snatch

1 Hang Power Snatch

1 Heaving Snatch Balance

1 Overhead Squat


” Black Hole ”

3 x 3:00/3:00

18 Cal Row

18 Bar Burpee

MR OHS (42.3/30)

Rest 3:00

15 Cal Row

15 Bar Burpee

MR OHS (50/35)

Rest 3:00

12 Cal Row

12 Bar Burpee

MR OHS (60/40)

Score each AMRAP separately.