A big shout out to y’all for doing The Quinquagenarian yesterday. No less than 5,400 burpees and 2,700 clean and jerks were performed in my honour, and for that I am humbled and forever grateful. As some of you know I got whisked away suddenly to Sydney by my love Barbara, and unfortunately missed the enjoyment of watching you suffer like I did. But we will all be fitter and happier for it. This summer is all about ’embracing the suck’ as we peak for the Open and handle anything 2017 throws at us! Keep it Up!


OTM 12

M 1 : 3 Deadlift (build)

M 2 : 10 C2B Pull Up


” Black Death ”

5 x 4:00 rounds

15 Thruster (42.5/30)

21 Box Jump (60/50 cm)

Row max cals

Rest 4:00

* Score is total cals