K2 C2B

The Red Skulls are looking strong, fit and very capable a month into the CrossFit Open. We are immersing ourselves in the quest for virtuosity in human movement. We are finding ways to gain better postures and positions so our bodies may produce force more efficiently, so we can work faster for longer under bigger loads. The Open has asked this of us, and so paved the way for an unbelievable year of gains ahead. But Easter  has come at a perfect time for us to process this last workout, then go at it come Tuesday morning. The intensity levels will then be lowered until Monday 4th April  when we will test your 1 Rep maximums in the clean, the bench press and the overhead squat. An awesome 8 weeks will follow finishing with The Other Total, a fun evening of weightlifting and wine on  Friday 27th May. Winter will then be upon us and we WILL BE lean ,very strong and up for anything 2016 throws at us. Go you Skulls!


E 2 M

3 Push Press

6  Toes To Bar

7 Rounds


” Big Chief ”


3 Clean and Jerk (60/40)

6 C2B Pull Up

9 Squat

Rest 1 minute

5 Rounds

*start each round where you left off.