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Simple Plan

Athletes will build to a Heavy Set of 5 Back Squats in today’s strength piece .Bodyweight movements are the highlight of this simple triplet conditioning workout. The balance between lower body push, upper body push, and total body pull should allow you to move relatively quickly through each movement.


Back Squat

Build to a heavy set of 5


” Simple Plan ”

3 Rounds For Time:
50 Air Squats
35 Push-ups
25/18 Calorie Row

CAP 12:00

2020-03-22T17:39:21+13:0022nd March 2020|

Tic Tac Toe


” Tic Tac Toe ”

Teams of 3
For Time (30 Minute Time Cap):
3 Rounds:
60/45 Calorie Assault Bike
45 Toes to Bar

45 Thrusters (42.5/30)
45 Thrustrers (50/35)
45 Thrusters (60/42.5)

3 Rounds:
60/45 Calorie Assault Bike
45 Lateral Barbell Burpees

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Caesars Palace

Our focus today on all three movements will be on the feet. On the lower body movements, the deadlift and back squat, we can think about screwing the feet into the floor. Doing so has multiple benefits:  1. Creates a Stable Base with the Whole Foot on the Ground.  2. Recruits More Muscle from the Posterior Chain (Glute, Hamstrings, Erectors).

While we are using a lot of arms in the bench press, keeping the feet firmly on the ground keeps the whole body connected and gives us better leverage to push with the upper body. There are two options for actively engaged feet. On both of these, let’s ensure athletes keep their glutes on the bench and back neutral: 1. Heels Flat on the Ground with Feet Out Wide 2. Toes Pushing into the Floor with Legs Tight to Bench


” Caesars Palace ”

Teams of 3
50 Back Squats (70/45)
50 Back Squats (85/60)
Max Back Squats (100/70)

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Bench Press (60/42.5)
50 Bench Press (70/45)
Max Bench Press (85/60)

Rest 3 Minutes

50 Deadlifts (85/60)
50 Deadlifts (100/70)
Max Deadlifts (125/85)

2020-03-17T20:37:23+13:0017th March 2020|

Triple Threat

A little practise of cycling reps with 2 gymnastics movements. Then a longer than usual metcon involving run, row and bike.


EMOM 12 (6 Rounds each )

Odd :  :30 Handstand Push Up Progressions

Even :  :30 Kipping Pull Up Progressions


” Triple Threat ”

On the 0: 1 Mile Run
On the 10: 100/70 Calorie Row
On the 20: 100/70 Calorie Assault Bike

*30 Minute Cap*

2020-03-16T20:29:29+13:0016th March 2020|


The goal of today’s strength to continue building on our consistency in our snatch but with the added aspect of having a set time domain to complete reps. You will not have a perfect setup every time but shoot for consistency.


Snatch Complex:

E 2 M 4 R

1 Snatch + 1 High Hang Snatch + 1 Low Hang Snatch.

Begin your first working set around 70% 1RM Snatch and gradually increase the load.

Then, Complete 1 Snatch every minute on the minute for 7-minutes.

5-minutes increase the load

Then, D-load the last 2-minutes to hit 2 smooth attempts.


“Metcon 16/3”

3 rounds for time:

•15 Hang Power Snatch (35/25 kg)
•30 Double Unders

2020-03-15T20:32:56+13:0015th March 2020|

Six Flags

A big focus across both the double unders and snatches today is keeping the object close to the body. In the snatch glue the armpits to the body to activate the lats. Make sure the elbows track high and outside during the Pull Up. Jump Hard, Land Hard.
Let’s think about jumping hard and landing hard. The faster the transition is from jump to land, the better this movement will look and feel. Rather than floating through the air. We want to jump hard and aggressively pull ourselves underneath the weight.


” Six Flags ”

Every 3:00 x 6 Rounds:
15/12 Calorie Assault Bike
30 Double Unders
3 Power Snatches

Build in Power Snatch Weight


Gymnastic Skill
Ascending Ladder for 5 Minutes:
2 Strict Handstand Push-ups
2 Calorie Row
4 Strict Handstand Push-ups
4 Calorie Row

Continue to Add (2) Rep to Each Movement

Rest 2 Minutes

Ascending Ladder for 5 Minutes:
2 Kipping Deficit Handstand Push-ups (4″/3″)
2 Calorie Row
4 Kipping Deficit Handstand Push-ups (4″/3″)
4 Calorie Row

Continue to Add (2) Rep to Each Movement

2020-03-09T20:16:07+13:009th March 2020|

Over Kill

The double dumbbell front squat is challenging variation of the barbell front squat. Just like on the barbell, driving the elbows up throughout the movement will be important. With the added difficulty of holding dumbbells, getting the back head of the dumbbell further back on the body will make it easier to keep the elbows up, as this balances out the weight over the center of the body.


” Over Kill ”

Double Dumbbell Power Cleans (22.5’s/15’s)
Box Jump Overs
Double Dumbbell Front Squats (22.5’s/15’s)
Toes to Bar

CAP 15:00


Back Squat
Set 1 (On the 0:00): 9 Reps @ 78%
Set 2 (On the 2:00): 7 Reps @ 85%
Set 3 (On the 4:00): 5 Reps @ 92%
Set 4 (On the 6:00): 3 Reps @ 97%
Set 5 (On the 8:00): 1 Rep @ 102%
Set 6 (On the 9:30): 1 Rep @ 104%
Set 7 (On the 11:00): 1 Rep @ 106-107%
Set 8 (On the 12:30): 1 Rep @ 107-108%
Set 9 (On the 14:00): 1 Rep @ 107-108%
Set 10 (On the 15:30): 1 Rep @ 107-108%

*Percentages based on 5RM Back Squat


2020-03-08T21:03:32+13:008th March 2020|

Power Point

Snatches, rowing and rope climbs with your mates. With a 1:2 work to rest ratio in this workout, aim to push hard when it’s your turn knowing that there will be twice as much rest.

Teams of 3
For Time (30 Minute Cap):
75 Power Snatches (42.5/30)
75/50 Calorie Row
50 Power Snatches (50/35)
50/35 Calorie Row
25 Power Snatches (60/42.5)
25/20 Calorie Row
15 Rope Climbs
25 Power Snatches (60/42.5)
25/20 Calorie Row
50 Power Snatches (50/35)
50/35 Calorie Row
75 Power Snatches (42.5/30)
75/50 Calorie Row

Body Armor (A)
3 Supersets:
5 Weighted Strict Pull-ups
50% Max Strict Ring Dips

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets

Body Armor (B)
3 Supersets:
Max Strict Pull-ups
Max Ring Push-ups

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets

2020-03-06T21:56:00+13:006th March 2020|

4 Wheel Drive

In this high intensity interval piece, you’ll work for 4 minutes and then rest for 4 minutes
With a lot of rest built in, we’re looking to bring the heat when it’s time to work. Once you finish the bike and burpee box jumps, you’ll complete as many 10 meter shuttle runs as you can in the time remaining
Record total shuttle runs for each round, as your score is lowest number of the 5 rounds.


” 4 Wheel Drive ”

5 Rounds:
21/15 Calorie Assault Bike
15 Burpee Box Jumps
Max 10 Metre Shuttle Runs In Time Remaining

Rest 4 Minutes Between

Front Squat
7 Sets of 1:
5-Pause Front Squat Video

Set 1: 50%
Set 2: 55%
Set 3: 60%
Set 4: 65%
Sets 5-7: 65-75%

2020-03-05T20:30:17+13:005th March 2020|

Face Time

The overhead squat is the ultimate core exercise, the heart of the snatch, and peerless in developing effective athletic movement. This functional gem trains for efficient transfer of energy from large to small body parts – the essence of sport movement. For this reason it is an indispensable tool for developing speed and power. The overhead squat also demands and develops functional flexibility, and similarly develops the squat by amplifying and cruelly punishing faults in squat posture, movement, and stability.

The overhead squat is to midline control, stability, and balance what the clean and snatch are to power – unsurpassed.


In 15:00

Overhead Squat

Build to a heavy set of 3


” Face Time ”

15 Overhead Squats (42.5/30)
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
9 Chest to Bar Pull-ups


2020-03-04T21:04:42+13:004th March 2020|