Last day of our de-load and we retest our 1 RMs again for the second phase of the Wendler Strength Cycle in 2018. Today we focus on a tight mid line and a solid bar path with good speed off the shoulders to the extended position….then we fight for breath (again) in an old CFN Classic with a twist,The  Asphyxiator! ..Oh and a belated HBD for Masters rookie Howard for yesterday!


Shoulder Press 5 x 40%/ 3 x 50%/ Max Reps x 60 %  (90 % of 1 RM)

Banded Pull-Aparts  3 x 15

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 3 x 8 (build)


” The Asphyxiator  “

3 x 4:00/4:00

Row 500 m

21 Kettlebell Swing (32/24)

MR Burpee