Some amazing drama for those that stayed to witness the tense battle as our Red Skulls overcame a very good CF OFB team by just a few seconds in a narrow 3-2 victory on Saturday morning..And a big thank you to The K-Hole, DJ Slice and Pistol Pete Phillips for your efforts organising and creating a wonderful day at the bowls and some beautiful food to follow at Pete’s cafe Regular for the after party! And well done to Team UK for taking our the grand prize at the bowls in a another close contest with Team Pacifica! 


Bench Press  3 x 70%/ 3 x 80%/ Max Reps x 90%  (90% of 1 RM)

Weighted Pull Up  3 x 5 (build)

SA DB Row  3 x 8/8 (build)


“ Angie ”

100 Pull Up

100 Push Up

100 Sit Up

100 Squat

For Time

To complete this workout prescribed then you must complete one exercise before moving to the next.

* Scaling Option : Rounds of 10 x 10 and 5 x 20

Compare to : 24/5/2016