Signs are looking good for this Fridays ‘ The Other Total ‘ with guest star Precious McKenzie. A good few PB’s littered the whiteboard today and sure to have more on the night. If you have your name on the FB event list then don’t forget to pay your $20 as wine and food will be provided and we need to get numbers by tomorrow at the latest…And so another fine lady visits in the form of Hurricane Angie. A classic body weight benchmark that could leave you broken and battered if you fail to prepare well. Good advice is to get in early and go at those  pecs, lats and quads with a roller, ball, barbell or each other and then settle in for the journey.


Handstand Progressions

  • Headstand to kipping extension ( 3 x 3 reps)
  • -ves (9 x 1)
  • Strict ( 5 x 3-5 reps )
  • Deficit ( 5 x 2-3 reps)
  • Practise Free HS ( accumulate 45 secs )


“ Angie ”

100 Pull Up

100 Push Up

100 Sit Up

100 Squat

For Time

To complete this workout prescribed then you must complete one exercise before moving to the next.

* Scaling Option : Rounds of 10 x 10 and 5 x 20


Compare to : 13/10/2014