Our points of performance in the thruster requires a big drive through the heels to deliver bar speed then recreate the top position of extension as fast as possible by springing out of the bottom. Double Unders need the shoulders to relax , spin the wrists and pop off then ankles to keep balance and rhythm..Consistency is what we  seek in the chipper. With regards to strategy we need to pace, and become more well-versed with our individual capabilities.  Choose the sets and maintain the numbers and rest periods and stick to them.  It’s the most important piece of the puzzle next to mental toughness and movement technique.


OTM 12

Min 1 : 40 Double Under

Min 2 : 7 Thruster (Build)


” Hangman ”

30 Hang Power Clean (50/35)

30 Wallball (9/6)

30/20 Calorie Row

3 Rounds

CAP 18