A wonderful effort from all 72 registered Red Skulls (and those that aren’t signed up too) to feel the pain and suffering of the first Open workout over the weekend!  Some spectacular fitness and grit was seen particularly in the heavy overhead walking lunge movement never seen before in the Open. This week we get back to basics and ready ourselves for 16.2. What will we see..? Cleans? Muscle Ups? Rowing? Double Unders? Snatches? Box Jumps?..Either way we will cover and refine everything we expect to see over the next month and ready or not we will smaaaaash it  Go you Red Skulls!


Muscle Up Progressions


” 21 Guns ”

OTM 21 (7 Rounds)

Minute 1 : 3 Muscle Up ( progs)

Minute 2 : 10 Hang Power Clean (60/40)

Minute 3 : Cal Row (15/12 cals)


21 Guns