And so the first workout of 2020 gets an ‘official’ go at CFN. Many of you have already had a crack at it and today is your chance to complete it, grab a few extra reps or even go at it RXD this time. Be sure to warm up well, have your new game plan set, and give it all you have! And don’t forget to submit your scores by Tuesday morning so myself and Ange can validate. I will be setting up the first round of Blue vs Red results once results have been tabled. Get Sum!


” 20.1 “

10 rounds of:

8 ground-to-overhead

10 bar-facing burpees

RXD ♀ 29 kg. ♂ 43 kg

SCALED ♀ 20 kg ♂ 29 kg

MASTERS 55+ ♀ 29 kg ♂ 35 kg

TEENS ♀ 20 kg ♂ 29 kg

Time cap: 15 minutes