For the remainder of the week we need to keep our training balanced and keep up the intensity mid week so weekends will be primed for the Open. Examine your ‘kit’ and keep practising your weaknesses, particularly the postures that are leaking power through poor mechanics. The positional holds we do are gold for transmitting force from core to extremity. Work hard to keep neutral spines, balance loads over your base of support and movement fluent and rhythmic with breathing patterns and your times and scores can only get better over the next month. Above all..Enjoy the Battle!


5 Rounds

:30 secs MR HSPU

:30 secs rest

:30 s MR Power Clean (60/40)

:30 s rest


” 14.4 ”


60 Cal Row

50 Toes To Bar

40 Wall Ball

30 Clean (61/43)

20 Muscle Up

14 min AMRAP

*remember to record your time at the completion of the wall ball and the power clean for tie break.

Compare to : 27/6/2016